“Start Small. Dream Big.”

A T-Shirt Printing & Brand Building Workshop


Ever wanted to make your own t-shirt?

Where do you start?

Or how do you send a design to a professional screen-printer?

What does is take to build a business from scratch?

Get the answers directly from the founder of Twice As Warm, who started the clothing brand from a ping pong table in his parents’ basement.

Brian will share the lessons he learned and mistakes that he made along the way, and will answer all of your questions in this interactive learning experience.

Who Is This Workshop For?

We have brought the workshop to many college campuses, public/private schools, corporate events, and private parties. This workshop is for anyone that is interested in learning how a t-shirt is made, or seeking inspiration to start their own business/brand/creative project. Zero experience is required and all ages are welcome.

What Will You Learn?

In addition to leaving the class with a t-shirt that you made by yourself, you’ll understand:

Differences between different types of inks to use. Picking out the right t-shirt. The steps to screenprinting any design onto a shirt. Artwork requirements for screenprint contractors. Printing with multiple colors. And much more!

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How do we schedule a workshop?

Fill out the form to your left, or email Hi [at] twiceaswarm [dot] com to get started!

Can we schedule more than 1 workshop with you?

Sure! If there is enough demand for more workshops, we would love to hold additional workshops for your students!

What are the setup requirements?

To hold a workshop, we need access to a room for at least 3 hours that will hold at least 10-15 people, and dedicated access to at least 1 standard electrical outlet.

What's included in each workshop?

Each student will leave the workshop with a t-shirt that they made themselves. There will be a Q/A session to answer any and all questions that you may have about screen-printing a t-shirt or starting a clothing brand. We also match each shirt with a donation of a new clothing item to a person in need.

How many people can attend each workshop?

We limit the number of participants to 10 for each workshop to give enough attention to each student.

How long does each workshop last?

The typical workshop is 2-3 hours long. We hold a Q/A session at the end which often lasts as long as students want to stay and ask questions.

What if I have another question?

Email us at Hi [at] twiceaswarm [dot] com and we’ll get back to you!