Our Movement

Every person deserves to be able to stay warm during the cold winter months. We sometimes take this basic need for granted after heading inside from the freezing cold, while others have no option other than to sleep outside.

The Twice As Warm movement is an effort to help our less fortunate and often neglected neighbors in need. Homelessness is an extremely difficult and complicated issue, and while the warm clothing we provide will not end a person’s state of homelessness, it certainly will help them stay warm for the time being, and it will provide that person with some hope, love, and the knowledge that we care about them. Spreading warmth, love and care to those in need, that’s what Twice As Warm is all about.

Below is a regularly updated list of members of the Twice As Warm movement. These people have played an important role in helping others in need:


  • Mom, Dad, and Jen
  • Elaine, Jerry, David, & Robyn
  • Stephanie Odenheimer
  • Aaron, Melissa, Ella, & Sammi
  • Ric McPherson
  • Deanna Ramsey-Mootoo
  • Lee Fishman
  • Phyllis and Harold Goldsmith
  • Beth El Preschool
  • Margaret Magill
  • Robert Vydra
  • Heidi Jolson
  • Brian Bulgatz
  • Marissa Beck
  • Aaron Ludensky
  • Mark Sutton
  • Donna Baron
  • Ron, Karen, Jeff, and Perrin
  • The Stein Family
  • Joe Ressler
  • Julie Kirby
  • The Brusca Family
  • Helen Czapary
  • James O’Connor
  • Carolyn Holden
  • Ted Jewell
  • The Frank Family
  • Andrew Goldstein
  • Nicki Lehrer
  • The Joy Family
  • Ian Fitzgerald
  • Alan Bayles
  • Krista Vetrano
  • Kathy Linstrom

This is a regularly updated list of members of the Twice As Warm movement. The people listed below have helped keep others in need stay warm during the winter months. If you find a typo or want your name updated, please email me.