Our Story

I started Twice As Warm as a small project in August 2010. I’ve always enjoyed volunteering, and donating my used clothing and school supplies to local shelters. On a trip to the Interfaith Works Clothing Center in my hometown of Rockville, MD, I learned that many of the used clothing items donated to shelters have holes in them and are unwearable.

Interfaith Works

So I set out to create a sustainable way of providing new clothing to people in need in my community. A “Buy One Give One” model would allow me and my supporters to give a new clothing item to a person in need for every item purchased, without having to rely on donations.

To get the project off the ground, I started a small goal to give away 50 hats, 50 pairs of gloves, and 50 scarves, and got to work on the ping pong table in my parent’s basement. Six months later, the Twice As Warm project was able to give away 210 winter clothing items to people in need.

Today, Twice As Warm is a clothing company that gives new clothing to children and families in need. For every Twice As Warm item you purchase, we give one of our clothing items to a person in need on your behalf.

Our mission is to provide warmth, hope, and support to children and families in need.

Thank you for supporting our cause!

Brian Lieberman
Founder, Twice As Warm