The Pallet Project 2012 Recap

This weekend, we were invited by No Kings Collective to take part in their 4-day long art/fashion extravaganza called The Pallet Project.

It was a HUGE honor to be a part of it, and we took the opportunity very seriously. I think I got about 10 hours of sleep total in those 4 days, so thank you 5 hour energy and Red Bull!

We met tons of new friends who were really excited about our mission to help our neighbors in need.

We did a live screen-printing of shirts with 4 different designs to choose from. They were printed on heather-gray and purple shirts that were made in USA.

We also had on display a limited-edition shirt that we collaborated on with The Gallant called ‘Made in the District’. This shirt was very popular and we have very few left. The best way to get one of these shirts is to visit us at our next event…

And we introduced our new line of hats for winter season, which will soon be available online.

Rapper Tabi Bonney performed live on Thursday at Know Fashion, and supported us by getting 2 of our shirts!

Another huge thank you to No Kings Collective for inviting us to the event. We are going to be in a few more events in DC, so connect with us on Facebook to hear about them first.

We are tallying up how many clothing items we will be able to give away after this event, and will share that number with you soon. Thank you all for the amazing support!!!!

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