New Hats for Sunday Suppers

Last week I brought 20 new winter hats for people in need at a Sunday Suppers event. Sunday Suppers is a non-profit group that organizes a dinner for the homeless every Sunday evening in DC. Yes, every single Sunday no matter what. In fact, in the past 21 years they haven’t missed a Sunday since the winter blizzard of 1996.

They set up tables and chairs in a parking lot, and invite guests to enjoy a meal and make friends while listening to music.

As they say on their website,

“Our 1 meal a week will not keep anyone alive, physically. Yet, some of the people we serve have told us that we are the best friends they have. That statement actually says very little about us. But it does say a lot about the friendships they don’t have and don’t experience throughout the week. It helps explain why sometimes people cry when we leave.”

In addition to providing a Sunday meal, it feels great to offer friendship and a shoulder to lean on to a neighbor in need. I’ve made a few friends during the few times that I’ve stopped by so far.

Eric Sheptock is a Homeless advocate in the DC area who I met at Sunday Suppers. He fights for homeless rights, and is homeless himself. Eric has been featured in the Washington Post for his work, and has grown a large following on Twitter and Facebook with over 7,000 fans!

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