1. What is Twice As Warm?

Twice As Warm is a winter clothing company that matches every purchase with a donation of the same clothing to people in need. Our mission is to help people in need stay warm with new winter clothing.

2. How do you give the warm clothes?

We visit local homeless and emergency shelters to match our warm winter clothing with people that need it to stay warm. We sometimes organize Giving Events at these shelters to distribute the clothing. We also work with school administrators to identify children that are coming to school without winter jackets or accessories. To learn more about how we give, visit our How We Give page.

3. How can I get involved?

Please contact us! We are always looking for talented and inspirational people to work with us on this important cause.

4. Is Twice As Warm a non-profit or for-profit?

Twice As Warm is a for-profit with a mission of giving. The buy one, give one model creates a sustainable vehicle for giving, and allows us to not have to rely on donations. Twice As Warm was created and only exists for the purpose of helping people in need. We give warm clothing to people in need for each purchase made. Each customer is a benefactor, and a direct contributor to this cause.