We currently have 3 chapter boards opening in 3 US cities:

Columbus, Ohio

Ann Arbor, Michigan

San Diego, California


To apply, ambassadors should submit their application here by March 1st, 2020.

Details of each position:


- Connect with Chairs once per week - get feedback and support
- Provide support to Members and Chairs
- Liaison with the head of the Ambassador program, and provide a bi-weekly update
- Meet with Non-profit leaders and partners of Twice As Warm
Membership Chair
- Support fellow members
- Give advice on inviting new ambassadors
- Send reminders to members on inviting new ambassadors
- Give bi-weekly update to Chapter President
Communications Chair
- Send weekly email to chapter members
- Send photos and video content to head of Ambassador program
- Setup Campaigns for fellow members
- Share volunteer opportunities organized by the Impact Chair
Impact Chair
- Meets with local and verified non-profits
- Organizes visits and volunteer opportunity
- Organizes donations in liaison with Non-profits and Head of Ambassador Program