Spread Warmth Day 2019

Posted on by Brian Lieberman

Spread Warmth Day 2019

The 4th Annual Spread Warmth Day is back again on October 1st. Spread Warmth Day encourages people anywhere & everywhere to perform 1 act of kindness to spread warmth to your community. 

Let's see if we can get over 200 people to perform at least 1 act of kindness that will spread warmth and positivity on October 1st.

That's it. One thing. Big or small.

Here are some ways to #SpreadWarmth this October 1st:

Organize a coat drive. 

Donate to their favorite cause. 

Buy a stranger a coffee.

Give a generous tip. 

Give a friend a hug. 

Call an old friend and reconnect. 

Bake cookies for a neighbor.

Volunteer with favorite Non profit. 

Use #SpreadWarmthDay so that we can see how everyone is spreading warmth and kindness around the world this October 1st :)

* Start a dance party
* Pay for someone's parking meter
* Focus on compassion and love toward yourself
* Focus a few moments on being grateful for this day
* Call an old friend and reconnect
* Start a painting party
* Share a positive or inspirational quote
* Send a cute puppy video to a friend
* Donate money to a favorite cause